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March 4, 2016

Value Vs. Price

(Or how I bought a better futon mattress)

"How much do you charge?", is probably the number one question I am asked as a full-time mobile DJ. The follow-up question is often 'Why do you charge so much?' Many times attention to detail, customer service and workmanship are forgotten while looking for a 'deal'. It happens in my family, too...most recently when we were in the market for a new futon mattress.

Our futon frame is sturdy and will probably outlast us...but the factory mattress was quickly compressed flat and shredded by just a few short years of wear-and-tear. WalMart advertises their futon mattresses starting at only $100.00 - a good deal especially for a budget-conscious family. Target has a few selections around $150-$300, also a good deal.

We then visited a store that specializes in Futons (aptly named The Futon Store). Laura met us with a warm smile and instead of trying to sell something immediately to us, she listened to our needs. After listening, she gave us a few models to test from the 20+ mattresses she had on the showroom floor. We could tell right away that the worksmanship and 'fit' of these mattresses were far superior to the 'fluff' of the bargain, box-house models that were tempting to our wallets. Laura also explained that these well-made models will last (and feel) better...longer.

We didn't make a purchase that night...which was another plus. Laura didn't pressure us, even though she graciously kept her store open past closing time to help. Once we did make a decision about a week later, we chose a model from her store that was several hundred dollars more than our original budget - and don't regret the decision. Now my family has a furnishing that can be used for many years as a living-room retreat and sleepover saver (and it looks great, too). Plus, Laura was there to answer my questions after the purchase with a helpful attitude.

When considering musical entertainment for your next event, consider the value of what you get for your money. Go for a good 'fit' - after all your wedding will not be repeated or redone.

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