“Many of my guests talked about how much they loved David..
He was in many ways the glue that held the wedding together!”

David Pickett has always had a passion for music.  It all started back in junior high when he was a bedroom DJ with a Mr. Microphone and his 45s.  While getting his college degree in broadcasting, David DJed a local hit-radio station. He that learned microphone technique, working under deadlines and being flexible were just as important as playing the right song. 
After graduation, a college roommate asked David to DJ his wedding. David found he had a talent for reading crowds and saw weddings as more than just a gig, hobby or paycheck.

Soon, more people were asking David to play for their parties.  He wanted to do more to help brides create fun, amazing receptions so he started polishing his interaction and mixing talents.  He also personally met and worked with each client like a friend to help customize their needs. 
In 2009, David took his business full-time so he could fully focus on customer service. After hundreds of successful events, David still loves learning new skills and playing music for his friends.  If you want to meet David and see if he’s a good fit for your wedding reception, call him at 901-438-2843 or visit the contact page to arrange a personal meeting.

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